Our Smart Home System provides energy efficiency, safety, reliability, convenience

Our Smart Home System provides energy efficiency, safety, reliability, convenience and remote access to all household electrical and electronic devices. It allows centralized control of lighting, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning ("HVAC), electrical appliances, including refrigerator, fans television, etc. Environmental information such as temperature, light humidity, gas, etc., is acquired by smart sensors and processed for decision making and then passed on to the smart switches for actuation based on user preferences. In addition to the smart control, user friendly web and mobile applications are provided to remotely control and schedule the device operations from anywhere-anytime.


Saves up to 30% cost in electricity bills Provides luxury of sensing based control for comfort and energy conservation Allows convenient remote access and schedule configuration of appliances by user-friendly mobile applications. Comprehensive usage statistics keep you informed about energy consumption of every appliance. Real-time power metering of high power appliances connected through our power socket. Early alarms on smartphone upon gas leakage and fire alarms Remote video surveillance and intrusion alarms Safety and security of appliances and user data.


Our smart sensors box connects with the 'Central Hub' through WiFi.Our Smart Power Switch is plug and play device with built-in Wi-Fi to connect heavy electricity load (up to 15A) such as air-conditioners, heaters, motors, water pumps, etc. It has three key features; real-time energy metering, scheduling, and temperature sensor based control.Our 'Central Hub' device is a WiFi hub for our smart Hub devices and connects them to the cloud server. It has an Ethernet port to connect with the hub WLAN.