Our experienced design engineers and subject matter experts have competence to understand the diverse design requirements of our customers. They are fully capable in multi-layer electronics and PCB designing with firmware and drivers customizations which results in the development of robust, customized and scalable hardware architecture modules. They adhere to proven standards and specifications during development procedures and do best efforts in achieving the assigned goal. Without compromising on the quality and reliability of the system, they keep the cost structures and associated energy consumption to a viable minimum during the complete life cycle of hardware development.


Our dedicated team of experienced software architects and developers can provide custom software development and firmware development as well as up-gradation services. Our customer oriented approach allows our system developers to make the right selection of mobile platform and OSs along with the utilization of specific programming languages that can deliver best performance on the custom hardware. We offer enhanced user experience to our customers by providing user-friendly and interactive application designs. The advanced data analytics features integrated in mobile application create competitive advantage for our customers by providing real time data visualization on cloud-hosted dashboards and customized user profiles for our customer's potential audience. In a nutshell, Things Access software development team compliments strong expertise in mainstream mobile frameworks with value-driven agile delivery processes to help execute a flexible mobile strategy.


Things Access offers customized IoT services for adding built-in intelligence and complete automation of industrial manufacturing units. We can design and customize the smart control solution according to the requirement your industrial needs. Our budget solution facilitates you with round the clock machine health monitoring services together with remote management and surveillance applications.


At Things Access we are developing a reliable and dynamic IoT platform for securing the connectivity and communication among IoT devices which will adapt according to the context of IoT Applications. Things Access can help you to increase the effectiveness of your day-to-day operations by leveraging our efficient and highly secure tool that frees your mind from worrying about all kind of IoT threats and vulnerabilities.

We aspire to deliver engaging customer experience through personalized content delivery according to the user demand. We assist our customers to build desktop and mobile based storefronts, buying guides, and product recommendation engines to delight the consumers of their product. Contact us to visualize your idea better !