Our 'Smart Controller' device is a WiFi hub for our smart Hub devices and connects them to the cloud server. It has an Ethernet port to connect with the hub WLAN. It authenticates and registers all the devices connected through its own isolated private WLAN. It operates in two modes. i.e. Offline and Online.

  • Offline mode

    Offline mode is operational when the Internet connection is not available. 'Smart Controller' is resourceful enough to run as a local server in offline mode continuing the smart hub services without any interruption. Smartphone can connect to hub WLAN and 'Smart Controller' in offline mode, which allows users to control the switches transparently without worrying about Internet disconnection.
  • Online mode

    Online mode is when Internet connection is available. As soon as the connection with the cloud server is resumed, 'Smart Controller' updates all the local operations at the server to synchronize the current status of appliances for online applications and data analytics.


  • Our Smart Switch box device has four switches and two fan dimmers. The dimmers can also be used for lamps or multicolor lights to change the light colors and intensity. This allows users flexibility of control to program their fans or light colors and intensity according to their mood, weather and activity. Similarly, our mini-switch box has three switches, which is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

  • The switch box also have manual touch buttons with status LEDs to signify the current status of appliances attached to the switches. The status of this manual operation is automatically updated on the server and mobile App. Switch boxes are designed in such a way that it can either replace the existing switch-plates of dimension 86 x 146 mm (and 86 x 86 mm in case mini-switch) or it can be mounted adjacent to it. They have built-in Wi-Fi that securely connects them with our WiFi access point i.e. 'Smart Controller'.


  • Our smart sensors box connects with the 'Smart Controller' through WiFi. It has built-in light and temperature sensors and can have two additional sensors such as humidity, motion, smoke, gas or proximity. The customized sensors can also be packaged according to the nature of installation and customer requirements.

  • The sensor box can be mounted anywhere in installation space with rechargeable batteries that serve as backup and can run the device for more than a week. It reports the sensed information to home controller in real-time, which processes it for switches rules and forward it to cloud server for further processing.


  • Our Smart Power Switch is plug and play device with built-in Wi-Fi to connect heavy electricity load (up to 15A) such as air-conditioners, heaters, motors, water pumps, etc. It has three key features; real-time energy metering, scheduling, and temperature sensor based control. It sends real-time energy usage of the load in kWh after every three (3) minutes at the server and also keeps accumulating the total usage on board until the reading is reset by the user.

  • User can program it to set its monthly reset metering day to calculate the monthly energy units of the load consumed by a particular appliance. Its scheduling feature allows users to program the On and Off timings of the appliance connected to our smart power switch device. The built-in temperature sensor can also be used to control and schedule the appliance according to the temperature in surrounding environment.

  • It can operate as standalone device without connecting it to our 'Smart Controller'. Specialized Smart Plug App allow users to operate the appliance connected with it and visualize its load statistics. It can also be configured to connect with home WLAN and then to our cloud server for remote access.


Our Invertlyzer device provides the automatic tuning and configurations of hybrid inverters operational parameters, load management and scheduling on various hybrid energy sources while ensuring user convenience and comfort, reducing the electricity cost and improving the energy efficiency.

Cattle Collar

Our Smart Cattle Collar device facilitates farmers to keep an eye on their herds and livestock health making it easier for them to monitor the animals individually, avoid their theft, assess their health conditions and also contribute in increasing their yield productivity by 10-20%.