Our smart livestock monitoring system offers energy efficient IoT solution for health monitoring and tracking. Different kind of smart sensors are utilized for continuous monitoring of livestock to monitor body or ambient temperatures, to keep track of heart rate and lungs condition, to identify the orientation or postures of animal and to take into account the heat cycles of animals. These sensors can be either non-invasive embedded within wearable devices or they can be implantable sensors. Our system provides early diagnoses of diseases, estimate or predict the epidemic outbreak within livestock, real-time surveillance and tracking of animal, generate the notifications to the farmers about feed requirements of livestock and optimize milk production. A fully automated solution for poultry shed environment is developed to acquire humidity, temperature and luminance values within poultry farm sheds. Supervisory staff is offered sensors data visualization in customized dashboards to provide valuable insight.


  • Real time monitoring and surveillance of livestock health and location
  • Alerts for farmers and veterinaries about diseases to increase the mortality rates
  • Increased livestock yield productivity.
  • Convenient poultry shed environment for breeding and reduced energy consumption
  • Fully Automated environment control with optimized temperature, humidity and lightening settings
  • Customized user dashboards for sensor data visualization
  • Prevention of animal rustling.


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